Pull Yourself Up and Climb

Our team had the opportunity to experience the rock climbing wall at one of the ultimate outdoor superstore Adventure HQ located at the Times Square Mall on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. The store provides high quality equipment for a wide range of outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, diving, camping, hiking, cycling and so much more. The Adventure HQ team was very friendly, considerate and helpful while explaining the dangers related to the activity and helped us wear the safety harness and introduced us to the set-up. They also very meticulously explained all the important guidelines and rules to be followed by the participants.



Did you know that rock climbing helps to build strength of mind, body and spirit, Adventure HQ’s climbing facility is quite remarkable along with several different levels of endurance for individuals with more advance experience as well.


“We found rock climbing to be an amazing sport as it is fun, challenging and you can definitely work up a sweat”


Once you start of as a beginner you will be asked to follow the same colour of the rock you are assigned to initially when climbing the wall. We loved how it was fun and complex. Perhaps with time and practice one can expect to get better. We found rock climbing to be an amazing sport as it is fun, challenging and you can definitely work up a sweat as you would have to use your entire body to help you. It is such an amazing way to get a quick fix of adrenaline and explore all the places you never knew could have muscles.


The Adventure HQ’s Adventure Zone at the Times Square Mall is comprised of the ‘Climbing Pinnacle’ which is around 9.1 metres and the ‘Cable Climb’ which is present above the entrance of the mall and serves as an obstacle course. Both these activities are designed to challenge your adventurous skills and push you to get out of your comfort zone.


The price for thirty minutes is AED 50/ person on weekdays which is quite affordable and a great way to get started. We would highly recommend you to put this to the test and try it out for yourselves.

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