Project Reality: Fear or Regret?


Project Reality is an initiative to show the real feelings of the people of Dubai, to show what they like, share their feelings, emotions and thoughts. In Project Reality, we talk to residents of Dubai about basic aspects of life and go deep to find answers to some of the trickiest questions.

In this issue, we spoke to a 19 year old resident of Dubai, and her name is Ananda. We spoke to her about her favourite quotes and what she thinks are important aspects to consider before making a major decision.


Sadia:  Who are you as a person? How would you describe yourself?

Ananda: I am a thriver, I am a person who works hard to achieve what I want.


Sadia: And what do you do?

Ananda: I am a student on a gap year.


Sadia: What is your favourite quote? Something that you live your life by?

Ananda: I like a lot of quotes by Rumi. But my favourite is “Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you, unfold your own myth.”


Sadia: And why is this the quote you like?

Ananda: The meaning behind it is powerful. I feel like it awakens my enthusiasm in finding my own place in life and unfolding new things.


Sadia: That’s great. The quote mentions unfolding your own story, and every story requires you to makes decisions. What things do you consider when making a big decision?

Ananda: When making big decisions, whether the outcome is positive or negative it matters if you really listen to yourself instead of following others opinions. It’s about listening to what’s inside you and creating your own blueprint instead of living by other peoples.


Sadia: It’s great how you are okay with positive or negative outcomes and all you want to do is just be yourself. So, I have to ask, are you happy to be where you are in life?

Ananda:  I’m not a hundred percent satisfied because life isn’t perfect but I don’t regret the journey I took and wherever it has taken me because I followed my own choices and it’s just little steps towards unfolding my own myth like the quote says. So at the end of the day, yes, I am happy that my decisions led me here even though, they weren’t perfect.


Sadia: I know you said that you are happy with your life but do you agree that some decisions weren’t great and life isn’t always perfect. So would you change anything about your life?

Ananda: Honestly, no. Because, I have created my life by following what I believe in. So, no regrets.


Sadia: And the last question, you are all about being a person of your own choice, what advice would you give to the teenagers and youth out there, who are still trying to figure out their lives.

Ananda: To all the youngsters out there: just listen to the voice within yourself, even if you think your choices are odd, trust yourself. It might seem very difficult yet it’s a brave thing to do and it’s the first step to being successful. Sometimes we feel like the choices our heart makes are weird and different from those of others, but that’s the exact thing that will get you where you are supposed to be. Being unique, being creative, and being true.


That was the opinion of a 19 year old resident of Dubai on life decisions, and it just goes to show you just how human she is like each and every one of us. So let’s take a piece of her advice and be unique, brave and be creative. Take a chance, life is short.

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