President of the American Society of Civil Engineers visits AUD

The American University in Dubai welcomed Dr. Robert Stevens, the President of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), on campus for a talk with students and faculty. The AUD community was invited to attend the event at which Dr. Stevens spoke of ASCE’s past, present and its future plans. The visit was welcomed with much anticipation from the campus community, which boasts the first established ASCE Student Chapter in the UAE. The chapter is very active, having competed and been awarded in a multitude of competitions throughout the years.

ASCE President (53) s

The chapter also hosts the AUD Annual Bridge Competition, now in its seventh year that has grown to be a staple on the calendar of civil engineering students across the GCC. Dr. Robert Stevens urged the students to take part in volunteering roles in order to contribute to the advancement of civil engineering, the advancement of their communities and their own personal and career development. He recalled his own journey highlighting his education and career achievements.

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The talk served as a guide to the students to carve out their own career paths based on the advice of one of the most successful figures in their field. Dr. Stevens said: “If you want to succeed and by succeed I mean have a career that you enjoy you need to work with other people. It comes from taking risks and trying, raise your hand and ask questions, get involved!”

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