Pink Sorbet Recipe: Summer’s Natural and Delicious Treat

Bonjour! Wonderful people. Well, summer has arrived in Dubai. The super hot days are longer than the quiet peaceful nights. So inspired by the colours of summer, our Recipe of the Day is Pink Sorbet. A delicious fruity sorbet which will be made with refined-sugar free, it has only pure, natural fruit sugar in it to sweeten it.
 It’s a great treat for this boiling heat to cool down. It is great for those days when you just want to eat ice cream all day along, also a great accompaniment to your breakfasts/desserts. Yummy! So here we go.
 TIME TO PREPARE: 12 hours

Makes 1 box


  • Fresh Raspberries-15 Frozen for a few hours
  • Pear-2 small ones, chopped and frozen
  • Almonds-chopped
  • Water- 1 cup-per requirement



  1. In a blender, blend together pear and raspberries until smooth. As shown in the images above. Keep in mind, you do have to blend well, so that would take some time. Add some water in to get a smoother texture.
  2. But don’t add too much, you have to check continuously. Once you get a sorbet-like texture, you can add in a few almonds, to give the sorbet a little crunch. Add in the sorbet in a box, sprinkle in the almonds, cover the lid and freeze for 1 hour.
  3. After 1 hour, remove it out and enjoy with family, friends or even just your own awesome self. Maybe you can try adding it to some hot pancakes, like below.
  4. These are the famous and delicious 2 ingredient pancakes- just mashed bananas and eggs and some coconut oil and VOILA!


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