Pac-Man Game or a Moral?

Many people take advantage of games like Pac-Man, but have you ever thought about the lessons you could learn from them? You might be thinking, “It’s a game! Why would we learn anything from it?!” We learn a lot of things from our teachers, the only question is, can we learn anything as valuable from Pac-Man?

Don’t Let Resources Go To Waste

“Why can’t Pac-Man just forget about all those pellets and just go onto the next level?” This is lesson number one; Pac-Man just can’t stand the thought of leaving the pellets to rot away, even with four frightening ghosts and a cobra commander chasing after him. He’d rather spend his time going through a maze than wasting pellets. This is something teens can relate to. For example rather than leaving that last bit of crust left on your pizza, use your resources and finish it!

Even though it puts poor Pac-Man in danger, it’s a noble thing to do. So don’t waste your resources or the ghosts will get you!

Think Before You Speak

Many have their own opinion as to why the ghosts are out to attack Pac-Man; however the fact is that Pac-Man must’ve done something to annoy or harm them! So lesson number two is: before doing anything that isn’t necessarily nice, THINK ABOUT IT! Basically its karma and Pac-Man deserved it, but luckily his gamers are with him throughout it all. So even if you’re not a gamer, why tempt fate? You might end up like Pac-man!

Take a Risk and Face Your Fears!

You can say what you want about Pac-Man, but for a little yellow guy, he’s got guts! Not many people can say they faced their fears in a maze, with a couple of snacks and won. That’s one of the great things about Pac-Man; he can face his fears even if it’s one against four! Pac-Man gives us hope that if we stay positive and believe in ourselves, we can all face our fears!

The only thing is, the ghosts are only gone for a couple of seconds and then reappear on the next level stronger. But let’s not focus on the negative!

To Succeed You Need Focus

In almost everything you do in life, focus is very important- even when playing Pac-Man. Many of you have learnt that the second you take your eye off the prize (in this case the pellets) you get reminded that it was a huge mistake. If you think about it, the chances of Pac-Man, the small yellow ball, winning are quite slim but with the right amount of focus, he’s sure to pass the level! The right balance is the key.

Everyone Needs a Break Once In a While!

Quick fact: Pac-Man was the first game to have character interactions in between levels. These were made for small breaks between levels after nonstop gaming. Now you may be thinking, “What does this have to do with me?” However without a break, stress levels and pressure would eventually build up in a gamer causing them to lose. Everybody needs a break once in a while; it’s what keeps us humans from stressing out on each other! You must admit, they can be quite relieving, especially if you’ve been running away from ghosts for the past hour!

So, after all the lessons you’ve learnt from Pac-Man, it’s fair to say that the game can also be interpreted as a moral lesson! This means that not all important things come from the mouths of parents or teachers, even a small yellow ball can teach us something just as valuable. So think outside the box and even you can start learning things from games or cartoon characters…

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