OSX Lion

Last but not least, have you heard the beast roar, or was it barely a “meow”? Mac OSX Lion has finally hit the downloads and here is what I got to say. I got mine on the second day after the release and after using it for over a month now , it is clear the OS was made for a trackpad. If you want to experience Lion at its prime, you gotta ditch that mouse of yours and use your fingers.

Apple has heavily invested into their multitouch technology and Lion shows it like no other. Among the multitude of gestures and tweaks ,there is probably only one that will drive you up the wall, if you don’t like change; natural scrolling , or as I call it, scrolling in reverse. It makes sense on the iDevices , because you are TOUCHING the screen, however on a Mac we normally use trackpads/mice/a cursor, and that’s where it gets confusing because everything is the other way round. Thankfully for many, this option can be turned off, however I gotta say it took me a couple of days to get used to it , and now it is, to me, as natural as it claims to be. That aside, the OS is beautiful, the Mission Control is like Expose, but better; the full-screen apps are cool, however my favourite is the new Mail app, it is beautiful, functional and supercool ( you can preview the weblinks without leaving the app). All in all it’s worth to upgrade, but be ready for some bumps along the way. Then again, Lion is the most temperamental of cats, that is until you get to know it..

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