Organise your wallet

If you seem to have difficulty finding where your credit card or money is stashed in your wallet every time you are at the cash register while several people are waiting behind you, then it is about time you organize that wallet of yours.

Take all the receipts, coins, identification cards and business cards out of your wallet and pull your trashcan closer. Stop using your wallet as a receipt-holder and throw away all the receipts you don’t need; like the ones you were given for buying donuts or your favorite meal. Get in the habit of taking receipts out of your wallet once a month and keep the important receipts for returns and warranties in a specific fold or some place else.

If you hate carrying coins in your wallet, pop them into a jar every time you come home. Once the jar is full, take it to the closest bank or supermarket and ask to get them exchanged with paper money. You won’t believe how much those coins can add up to.

Your wallet is probably a lot lighter now, isn’t it? Next, you should keep count of how much money you have in your wallet and put them all in one place so that when you’re about to buy something, you know how much you have.

If you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry about carrying a wallet that is about to burst out of your pocket. Keep in mind that having only a few folds in your wallet means less bulk.

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