Orchestrating Your Tomorrow

Have you ever been asked the question, ‘What’s your plan for the future?’ but never knew how to answer it, or simply not known where to begin? If you are one of the people who is having trouble planning your transition into the future then try out these simple ways to help plan the next stage of your life, whether it be in finding the right university, job or internship.



Talk it out
Now, seek advice. Find someone who knows you well and is able to help you with your problems. Seeking advice can sometimes help you out with seeing things realistically and help you cross things off your list or maybe adding things on.

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Find your place, think & write
Where are you most comfortable? Where can you think peacefully?
Use your place to try and reflect on your life and think of what you want. Ask yourself questions such as: What do I love the most? What am I best at? Can I see myself doing this? Where would I like to do it?

Remember, research is the way to go. Go online and check out universities, schools or jobs that are of interest to you. Watch videos and look up their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages for more details. Knowing more about the things you want will tell you your limits, whether they’re geographical or
even financial.

Work your plan
By now, you should have shortlisted your future options in twos or threes. This is the time to put in all the more effort and time depending on what you need to do. If you plan on getting into the best university in the world, then study and work really hard for it. Want to travel? Save up!
This is the time to show yourself and everyone what you’ve got.

You never know when you might need the extra cash and it’s always good to have earned something yourself. It might give you a feeling of independence.

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