one8one’s Summer Rescue Mission- The Time We Rescued 3 Kittens!

It was 11.20 am on a Thursday morning, everyone with their eyes pasted onto their laptop screens when distinct animal cries were heard from the air vents. Everyone had a theory on what it could be, some said they were birds, others kittens and with a handful of animal lovers at the scene, the worry was evident.

What began with soft cries emerged into a full-on rescue mission in no time. Before long, everyone was up and alert looking to figure out when and how these little ones could have possibly gotten themselves up there. And it was at that moment that we decided, we were going to document this exhilarating experience.


Grabbing our mobile phones, we began to film as we all hurried to the stairway leading to the rooftop while each one of us added in verbal snippets of what we thought and knew was going on. Keeping safety in mind, two of the interns were allowed to climb the rooftop along with the Black Iris team. After an unsteady climb up the staircase, we hurried across the roof making sure to be light on our feet and to the edge, we found the cries became louder from under a small scrap metal that belonged to the roofing. Inside we found three little newborn kittens- two black and one recessive white one with black spots- rolled up in scraps with metal pieces to the mouth crying desperately for help. Mind you the temperature that afternoon rose up to 45 degrees Celsius!

It was awfully heart aching to see these helpless newborns being subjected to such suffering. Security was certain that he had seen the mother cat somewhere below in the garage of the building and so we picked up the kittens in a soft sheet and brought them down to the shade and left them there to rest (not before clearing them off the metals) as the mother would soon return. As we walked back up to the office, all of us could feel a sense of relief and satisfaction of doing something considerate and caring that day. It was truly an experience to remember in the course of my internship at Black Iris Publishing. We are happy to report that 2 of the kittens were adopted and the last one is happy and healthy with another cat family.

To adopt the kittens:

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