Olly Murs: Man With All the Right Notes!

Abu Dhabi’s Du Forum, last evening, was charged with palpable excitement as fans anticipated the much awaited Olly Murs show.
 As the clock struck ten, an exhilarating countdown began, sending the crowd into a frenzy.  A multitude of the popular “Olly Olly Aye Aye” chants penetrated the air as the excitement built until the timer concluded in an arena-wide blackout. Seconds later, strobe lights bounced off the stage, illuminating his features as the heartthrob captured the audience with his signature half smile and soulful serenade.


As the night progressed, a plethora of genres was explored, incurring Pop, Rock and R&B and spectators couldn’t help but marvel at the singer’s boundless energy and extensive vocal range. Olly’s rendition of his hit songs ‘Heart Skips a Beat’ and ‘Dance With Me Tonight’ were particularly powerful while those of ‘Grow Up’ and ‘Dear Darlin’ moved everyone to tears, especially when backed by his heart-melting personal stories. His expert dance moves tied everything together, adding an amazing visual element.

One of the show’s defining moments saw Olly demand that each person grab the person next to them and hug them tight and another moment was when he demand that everyone put their phones away so they could be ‘the only mine for this song’. This, along with other such adorable interludes, introduced a special dynamic to the show. It was no longer a mainstream concert, it was a beautiful, collaborative musical experience.

By the end of the night, members of the audience had tired feet from non-stop dancing and sore throats from singing along and screaming in appreciation for the star. It was a night to remember for both the fans and the X Factor star himself, who expressed his profuse and humble gratitude for everyone who supported him on his journey.

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