NYUAD Announces Recipients of 2015 Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarship for Outstanding High School Students

Thirty-four high-achieving secondary school students have been selected to participate in the NYU Abu Dhabi Summer Academy, a rigorous 18-month enrichment program, as recipients of the 2015 Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarship for Outstanding High School Students. Now in its fifth year, the program offers an immersive educational experience that prepares Abu Dhabi-based Emirati students for entry into top-tier English-language universities throughout the world, including NYU Abu Dhabi.

The students were selected based on consideration of their academic achievement, English-language comprehension, motivation to attend college, leadership and interpersonal skills, and potential for growth and improvement.

The program curriculum focuses on the development of critical thinking, writing, and discussion in English; quantitative reasoning; standardized test preparation; public speaking; and leadership.

Taking place during the two summers following the 10th and 11th grades and including three semesters of online and in-person instruction throughout the academic year, the Summer Academy introduces students to the academic standards, norms, and values appropriate to the culture of leading international higher education institutions, in addition to providing college admission counseling. This comprehensive educational experience is supported both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities at NYUAD, NYU New York, and NYU Florence.

The recipients of the 2015 Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarship for Outstanding High School Students are:

Abdulla Khaled Saeed Zahran Al Hateemi – Military High School
Abdulla Khaled Mohamed Saeed Al Haddabi – Military High School
Adib Mohamadamin Abdulla Alkhaja Alhammadi – Applied Technology High School
Afra Saif Mohamed Saif Almazrouei – Al Nahda National School for Girls
Afraa Mahmoud Saeed Salem Alsaeedi – Al Mawaheb School
Ahmed Jassem Mohamed Nasser Alzaabi – Military High School
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Khaleefa Alsuwaidi – The British School Al Khubairat
Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Saeed Aldahmani – Applied Technology High School
Eissa Ahmed Omar Hasan Alhashmi – Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi
Fahad Abdulla Abdulhameed Ibrahim Alhosani – Applied Technology High School
Faisal Alaa Mohamed Atta Eraiqat – American International School in Abu Dhabi
Fatima Naser Hamoud Naser Alsaeedi – Al Mawaheb School
Hamed Fayad Rasheed Abdu Aldhaheri – Military High School
Kadhia Abdulwahab Mohamed Yahya Al Diwani – Australian School of Abu Dhabi
Mansoor Khalid Mohamed Hasan Ghanem – American International School in Abu Dhabi
Mariam Adel Ghanem Hasan Ghanem – Emirates National School – MBZ Girls
Mariam Mohamed Abdulla Mohamed Almheiri – Sheikh Zayed Private Academy
May Shafi Nasser Alshafi Alhajeri – Applied Technology High School
Mohamed Ateeq Mohamed Salem Alromaithi – Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi
Mohamed Younis H A Alkhoori – The British School Al Khubairat
Mouza Sultan Abdulla Saeed Alzaabi – Sheikh Zayed Private Academy
Nawal Hasan Abboud Mohamed Aljaeedi – Applied Technology High School
Noor Wael Abdulrahman Ebraheem Almahmeed – The International School of Choueifat
Nouf Abdulaziz Anwar Shammas Khan – Al Mawaheb School
Raisa Taha Abduljalil Mohamed Alfaheem – Alworood Academy Private School
Saif Mohamed Obaid Ali Alzaabi – Military High School
Saif Mohammed Musabbeh Bin Hamad Almehairi – Abu Dhabi International School
Salama Ali Hamad Lakhraim Alzaabi – American Community School
Salama Daham Al Fandi R. Almazrouei – Sheikh Zayed Private Academy
Sana Ahmed Mohamed Hasan Almarzooqi – Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi
Sara Ahmed Mohamed Salemeen Alkhyeli – Sheikh Zayed Private Academy
Sultan Sulaiman Ahmed Aldeew Alnaqbi – Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi
Ward Hashem Murad – Sheikh Zayed Private Academy
Yousef Ali Yousef Ali Alsaad – Al Ittihad School LLG Project

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