Now Look and Listen

Look into my eyes and listen to the sound of my voice; you’re getting sleepy. When I snap my fingers, you will obey my every command. That is of course, if you’re starring in a B-grade, low budget Hollywood film. You see, hypnosis is very different to the popular media interpretation it has gained over the years. In various films since the 20th century, hypnosis has been heavily associated to people being lured into an almost comatose state and then being made to do obscene or dangerous activities. For example in the 2001 film Zoolander, the title character is hypnotized into trying to assassinate the a prime minister, which is not actually possible through a hypnotic trance.

Theoretically, hypnosis is described as a trance state that lets one access their subconscious and thus be vulnerable to suggestibility and heightened imagination. During a hypnotic trance, the subject is in a deeply relaxed state but is not asleep, which allows them to communicate or change parts of their sub-consciousness that they wish to deal with.


There are many viable real-life applications of hypnosis that do not involve a man in a cape on a stage making people cluck like chickens or dance like lunatics, such as hypnotherapy and theta-healing.


Hypnotherapy involves a subject going into the hypnotic state while a hypnotherapist then helps them access memories that could be the root of addictions or phobias in their lives. Hypnotherapy has also proved useful in gaining memories that the subject did not know they stored. This was at one point helpful for witnesses of court-cases, but it has since been acknowledged that one may create false memories when under the hypnotic trance due to the heightened suggestibility.


Theta-healing is very similar to hypnotherapy in that they both allow access to the subconscious, except that in theta-healing works with the theta brainwave, which is believed to have a higher connection to the universe. Theta brain waves are the state of the brain at REM sleep (dreams) and while in the theta state, the mind is capable of profound learning, healing, and growth. Through theta-healing, one focuses on remaining conscious while in the theta state. It is also believed that theta-healing allows the mind to connect to a divine power. Theta-healing is regarded as many to be very powerful and extremely successful.


Both hypnotherapy and theta-healing are available and offered by trained professionals here in Dubai. The India International Healing Institute, which can be found in Dubai, India, Lebanon, and Manila, was founded by Dr. Sumant Kaul. He practices the teachings of Vianna Stibal, (the lady behind theta-healing). The IIHI works through the theta brain state to not only help people overcome fears and addictions, but to make them more successful in their financial, social, and romantic lives. They constantly hold workshops with the local staff and occasionally have Dr. Kaul hold weekend sessions as well.


As with any other healing process, there are sceptics who argue that hypnotherapy and/or theta-healing are basically the placebo effect—when the thought of something helping you makes you believe that it has helped, even if it hasn’t scientifically changed anything. Whether you choose to believe in the powers of hypnotherapy and theta-healing or not, they have helped many people all around the world for years and show no sign of slowing down.

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