‘Nothing But the Beat’ David Guetta

I had never heard of David Guetta nor heard of his music until “love took me over” with the beat and electro-house sounds only the Merlin of DJs can marshal. From then, I was hooked to his magnetic style of music and the diversified electronic sounds and urban dance craze he has mastered.


As the day of the concert dawned, my friends and I piled into a car and drove off to watch the world-class DJ perform live at the Yas Arena. I was in awe of the number of people who had gathered at Yas Island – waves of people in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties and fifties had flocked to the arena to hear the meister spin his magic. With mounting excitement, I could just feel that it was going to be a good night – it’s not everyday that you get to watch the world’s number one house DJ perform.

As people lined up in queues, with under-age teens trying their luck to get past security, the lovely DJs Natalie Brogan and maDJam got the party going with their own mixes. As everyone danced away, warming up for the main act, the lights suddenly dimmed and “NOTHING BUT THE BEAT” in blinding red, started flashing on the massive LED screens as David Guetta took to the stage with “Sweat” by Snoop Dogg.

The crowd went wild, jumping and screaming, rendering Yas Arena into a colossal house party as David Guetta played his hit mixes such as “Getting Over You”, “Titanium”, “Love Is Gone”, “Without You”, “Good Feeling” and his international debut “When Love Takes Over” with Kelly Rowland.
There were moments where David Guetta would let the crowd pitch in with the lyrics and I wont lie; I was definitely among those who screamed our hearts out as he masterfully spun his biggest hits. He ended the night by playing his universal vocal hook by the Black Eyed Peas, “I Gotta Feeling”, which proved that he truly is unrivalled and number one in the house music genre. I was left in total awe and felt like I was walking on air, having had a chance to experience “nothing but the beat”!

phots by: Anton Rodionov & Flash

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