Nader Dagher

Nader Dagher is a Lebanese artist, illustrator, graphic designer and the founder of the design brand Art7akè. The unique thing about his artwork is the way he plays with the Arabic language in order to create puns. We love how he uses traditional sayings from a completely new, different and cool perspective. Every picture has a design or small clipart that perfectly represents the idea of the pun. Our team had the chance to interview him and here’s what he had to say.


How did you come up with Art7aké? What does it stand for?
Ever since I graduated in 2009, I always had the pun “Art7akè” stuck in my head, which basically translates down to “art of words” in English. In addition I always wanted to associate it with a cool project and it finally took place last year in February when my interests in Arabic typography applied in design, fused with me being homesick. Since I was feeling homesick, I designed my first pieces and it said “homesick” in Arabic with an aerial photo of Beirut.


What topics are you trying to cover and raise with your work?
I try to cover designs and topics that most people can relate to. It can go from feelings to interests to humour and wordplay.Through these designs, I try to present the beautiful side of the Arabic language in pronunciation and writing, as I use different fonts as classic or modern types. In the Arabic language we have many sayings and words that have no parallels in other languages and the world needs to learn about them.


How do you stay inspired to keep coming up with cool, new designs?
Sometimes, the inspiration just comes from random conversations, songs, or movies, and other times, it’s just a translation of certain moods and feelings.The trick is to look at things from a different perspective and find a thought that counts and a smart pun that you could reflect in the designs.

“The trick is to look at things from a different perspective and find a thought that counts”


How long does it usually take you to design one of your typical images?
My vector designs, where I adapt a flat design, don’t take a lot of time to produce once a certain idea is ready in terms of visualisation. Other designs that require more varieties of photo and editing tend to consume more time as there is more focus on typography and aesthetic elements.

What advice would you give to people who would like to start their own small business?
If you’ve got a solid idea and a strong belief in it with the proper market study, then don’t waste your energy on anything else.There are many fields and ideas waiting to be tackled and in the end, it all comes down to how good you are and how much you put into it.

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