My Music X

My Music X festival was a great event for all music fans in Dubai. The event incorporated three different parts; The Academy, The Village and Live Performances, which made it an all-inclusive package for a weekend filled with tremendous fun and enjoyment. 

The first concert was a start-studded event that had Cher Lloyd as an opening act, followed by EVE, Sean Paul, Akon and then Baauer (Harlem Shake). It was truly an amazing concert. Everyone enjoyed their time and danced the night away. People arrived in all sorts of outfits; many had neon glow sticks and light-up t-shirts. 

The second day was just as amazing. The one8one team went to The Village and attended seminars on how to make it in the music industry coupled with discussions by artists who shared their stories, as well as performances from various local artists. However, the village was not solely focused on music, there were also dance and sports events. Bboy dancers battled it out in a series of competitions for solo dancers as well as crews. The French dance group Vagabond Crew were there to judge the dance competition.
After The Village was over, it was time for the EDMX concert, which featured Example, ATB, Kevin Saunderson, DJ Rudee, Sander Kleinenberg, Marco V, Miss Nine and Judge Jules. The highlight of the event was Example, to which the crowd went wild and everybody danced till the wee hours of the morning. 


The funniest part of the whole experience was the cosplay with people in LED glasses and stuffed monkeys for ties. All in all it was an amazing event that is sure to be remembered. 

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