‘My Immortal’ Evanescence

I remember watching Amy Lee on TV in her stripy socks and puffy goth-like skirts and thinking that she was the coolest, and to hear that Evanescence was to play in Dubai left me with a sense of nostalgia and had me looking forward to the event to come.
Stepping into the venue, it became apparent that my excitement was not exclusive. The crowd was pumped and ready for the show, roaring loudly as soon as the intro music kicked in. The first band to walk onstage was local band EYE who I am a massive fan of for their progressive style of music and trippy visuals which create a very different atmosphere for their audience. They are definitely a band worthy of sharing the stage with big names such as Anathema and Evanescence. Though they seemed to have a few technical issues, they managed to pull of an incredible show and got the crowd prepped for the big band to come. 

I was looking forward to Evanescence’s performance and was curious about Amy’s stage performance. I think I speak for everybody who showed up when I say that Amy and the rest of the band put on a great show and kept their eager fans entertained throughout the night. I was very impressed with Amy’s vocal range and performance (since most artists these days tend to rely on computer software in the studio to fix their vocals) as well as the precision displayed by the rest of the band. It was also a treat to see the grand piano carried on stage as the band performed their slower tunes. The lighting was brilliant and was just as pleasing to the eyes as the band was to our ears. It was an incredible night Traffik Events had put together and was definitely worth every second.

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