Movie Review of 2:22

WARNING: Herewith, lie spoilers.

So, we went to watch 2:22 this Tuesday. We read the movie description and went, “Oh okay, sounds cool, let’s do it.” Mind you, had I watched the trailer, I would have saved both of us some time and money.

Let’s start with the obvious – the exaggerated acting. Not only does Teresa Palmer look hauntingly like Kristen Stewart in this movie, they both seem to share the same abysmal talent in acting. She reacted to everything remotely shocking with the same over the top expression. Michiel Huisman did a pretty decent job and made up for any acting flaws by not looking like Robert Pattinson and making this movie even more Twilight-like.

The movie was rife with plot holes. When Dylan (Huisman) almost caused 2 planes to collide, it somehow didn’t make the news? 900 people almost died and you’re telling me the media was like, “Meh, no biggie. Run that story about the cute kittens again, I love that one”? Also, Sarah almost dies in a plane crash and doesn’t bother to tell her colleagues at work or her ex-boyfriend. Are you serious? Who wouldn’t immediately call their friend or family member and tell them about how they’re lucky to alive? (This girl, apparently.)

The events that unfold begin a week before Dylan’s birthday. He meets Sarah the day after his character is introduced. Meaning that they fell in love in a week. Have we learned nothing from Romeo and Juliet’s 3-day romance? Come on, people, we all know this won’t end well. Oh, and Dylan? He isn’t crazy in the movie, the patterns he sees are real. But you might think he was crazy because he walked around the whole movie talking out loud to himself. Yep, even in public. When he figures out the connection between the pattern and the murder at Grand Central Station 30 years ago to the day and tries to explain it to Sarah, he somehow leaves out the most important bits of evidence, instead choosing to ramble like a lunatic about him and Sarah meeting in another life and dying together.

After that scene, Sarah goes to her ex, Jonas’ house looking for some answers while he was creepily making a hologram of her face. She doesn’t see that because he closes the computer program. However, she also somehow misses the HUNDREDS OF PICTURES OF HER SCATTERED AROUND HIS STUDIO (including many huge hanging photos of her mouth and eyes). COME ON, ARE YOU BLIND?!

Also, in the climax of the film, Dylan somehow outruns police officers and their cars. Move over, Usain Bolt.
The ending was very cliché and there is some serious pandering; they both survive, the bad guy dies, they have a beautiful baby and he fulfils his dad’s legacy and becomes a pilot even though he had a phobia of flying. I don’t know either. Nevertheless, the film did have some amazing visuals. Jason is an artist and his hologram recreation of the journey through NYC to Grand Central Station was stunning. The cinematography, especially the aerial shots of the city were immaculate. We hypothesise that they have spent their whole budget on filming and just got their actresses some dollar-store makeup and went, “Have at it. Goodluck.” Although, no regular person has perfect makeup 24/7 so I appreciate this smidge of realism in this otherwise plot-hole riddled movie. It’s only saving grace was the beautiful soundtrack that came with it; it was ethereal and enchanting.

Overall, 1.5 stars. Would not recommend. Go watch Twilight again instead or something.

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