Motoring Enthusiasts Gather at CITY WALK to view experience CITY OVERDRIVE

10 days, 14 cars, plenty of variety, lots of motor enthusiasts, just what you need!

Come take a walk down memory lane with a dash of modern and a dash of rugged at CITY WALK by Meeras. Showcasing the infamous 1932 Ford Tudor Hot Rod (surprisingly, in purple!) to a custom built Fire Bird Pontiac to the mighty GTR Skyline 1972 that looks like it just came out of a black and white Japan alongside a Datsun 240Z from 1983 and many more.


And if we walk the other way, we enter a modern tron-like ambiance with a Guyver Chevrolet Camaro to Ahmed Al Ameri’s drift master – 86 TRD Toyota to an 800hp supercharge V8 engine Firebreather Camaro. This dynamic event is a platform for car enthusiasts alike, offering a rarity in vehicle choice. The car world is lit up at CITY WALK by Meeras with UAE based auto-artists displaying their custom-built cars to their vintage cars, super cars and the likes.



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