Millennials Bringing About Change

There is an unfortunate but very present divide between the older generation and us, millennials. As is evident by today’s media, there are many huge movements today that are fighting for people’s rights to be treated fairly. There is the ongoing struggle to acknowledge women as equals. The right for them to be treated as more than the flimsy, delicate sex they are mistaken for. There is the battle to end the promotion of rape culture – to stop victim-blaming. The argument that it isn’t the victim’s fault and that her or his outfit is not an invitation or consent for their attacker.

The fight to better represent male victims of assault- there is so much more shame associated with being a male victim of rape due to the effects of toxic masculinity in our society. The Black Lives Matter movement bringing more light to the injustices affecting people of colour. The attempt to bring forth more varied ideas of beauty rather than shaming girls for not being a size 0, with perfect skin and hair and shaming boys for not being chiselled body builders. Barbie coming out with Barbies in 2016 of different sizes has been a good step in that direction.

The older generation believes that we are too soft – that we have grown up wanting to be pampered and wanting our fragile feelings to be kept intact. That the world doesn’t work that way and we have to learn through “tough love, kiddo”. That we need to accept the way things are – that the world isn’t fair and that’s just how life works.

We are a generation that refuses to lie down and be trampled any longer. We are stronger together and our voices are better heard. There has been so much progress in the world though there is still a long way to go. There is nothing wrong with wanting people to be nicer to others. Nothing wrong with wanting to make the world less indifferent to the pain of its individuals. Nothing wrong with wanting things to be better in the long run. There is nothing wrong with you. No, we do not want the world to hold our hand; we want the world to stop spitting on our efforts to improve it.

And they’re right. The world isn’t fair. But it should be.

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