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She’s young, uber fashionable and lights up any room she enters. But Louisa Northcote is not just a pretty face. She’s a model, blogger and fashion editor, among other things, and has modelled for names such as Ted Baker and Giuseppe Zanotti… all this, at the age of 15! We catch up with the lovely Louisa as she tells us all about being a global citizen, getting over 77,000 views on her blog in six months and her obsession with the colour pink!


So you’re 16, a blogger, a fashion editor, model and fashionista. Wow! How did you achieve all of this at such a young age?
I’m nearly 16. So still 15 years old, technically. But trust me, I’m still like, “what is going on?” I started modelling when I was 10 so that has been my world. My mum was a beauty artist so I’ve been exposed to that world all along since there was always fashion in the family. When I was younger, I was obsessed with taking pictures. Everywhere I went, my camera would go with me. My mum always encouraged me to try everything and one day suggested I start a blog. I was like, “No, no one’s going to read it.” And then I thought to myself, “Okay let me just try it.” It was more like just a diary for myself and I seriously didn’t think anyone was going to read it and didn’t expect anything. But you still start waiting for people to read it, and then when they do, you get excited. It starts with your friends, and then more people, and now it has just sky-rocketed. I don’t know how, but it has. And it is amazing because it keeps me busy – I just came from an event and after this I’m going to another event. It’s really exciting!


You’ve grown up in Dubai?
I’m originally from England, was born in Singapore and I’ve lived here for 7 years so I’m kind of global! I don’t go back home as often as I want to, but I do go often. I do love it here but London is like my haven. I have loads of friends there and family, it’s nice going back and seeing them.
How many followers do you have on your blog?
I’m not sure how many followers, but I’ve had my blog for just over six months now and have had over 77,000 views. It started with 18 views a day but now the minimum is about 800-900 views a day, and I have no clue how that happened. At the Grazia Style awards I was nominated for best blogger and I don’t even know how I achieved it. It’s amazing! It’s what I love doing. It’s going far and I’m pushing myself to achieve as much as I can. It’s ridiculous, but it’s amazing!

What is being fashionable to you?
It’s very much a sense of expression for me. I make myself the canvas and play around. I can’t really state what my fashion sense is since it all depends what I’m feeling. Sometimes I like to be really comfortable, other times I want to be real high fashion, or I want colour. So it really depends on my mood and all my friends always know how I’m feeling based on what I’m wearing.


What does Lousia wear on a regular basis?
I wear very different stuff. While my friends mostly wear jeans, I prefer wearing something different, like a maxi dress or some leggings with a bright top or even a blazer or heels. Heels are one thing I can wear everywhere! No matter where I am, I can wear heels. I like to be different, that’s just me.

Who is your fashion icon?
That’s so hard! I have a few. I love Alexa Chung because I’m obsessed with Mulberry and I like her because she’s quirky. She goes through different types of styles – she can be slouchy, high fashion, everything. I also like Olivia Palermo because she’s high fashion. She’s at all the fashion shows and she’s always on trend. I also love Miroslava Duma and I actually got a chance to meet her, which was amazing! She’s the editor of Harper’s Bazaar and now she’s known more as a fashionista. She’s very different with her fashion, she’ll wear really extravagant things that might not always work, but she can always pull it off!

What do you think of Dubai’s fashion scene?
I think the 20s crowd is the most fashionable. Teenagers here aren’t very much into that; in London they sort of have their own fashion sense. But when it comes to 20s and working women here, they can pull off really high fashion and they’re more in touch with trends. Dubai isn’t as on it as London or Paris, but they’re getting there and they are realizing the trends and trying to get it here and keep up with it.


“I wear very different stuff. While my friends mostly wear jeans, i prefer wearing something different, like a maxi dress or some leggings with a bright top or even a blazer or heels.”


Where do you like to shop in Dubai?
I love my high street London brands. Topshop is a really good brand for our age. River Island, Miss Selfridge and Promod are definitely my favourite too. I am a student so I don’t have a lot of money to spend on high brands and stuff. But these brands allow you to be fashionable without spending so much. And that’s what I like to show my readers, because not everyone has the money. I also love local designers because some of them are really making their mark nowadays. For example, I’m wearing Lady Fozaza. She’s really established now and she’s becoming international – Kim Kardashian has worn her stuff.

What’s the blogging world like? 
It is so different! I had no idea what I was getting into. It’s one thing to attend events as a regular person, but once you get into the media industry, you actually realize how big that world is! And you have all these PR companies emailing you to attend events and to try out different products. You get things from something you thought you’d never have. But what I love is that you’ve achieved it yourself, and it’s your own work, your own writing and they like YOU! They want you to come to their events and they like your brand. That’s an amazing feeling.

What’s a typical day like for you?
Me? Oh! Well, on weekdays, I’ve got school (laughs). I usually try to complete my homework at school, so as soon as I come home I go straight to my blog. I always have so much to blog about; it’s piled up, so I know exactly what I want to put on today, and tomorrow. I get really anxious at school since I get so many emails and I always want to check them so I rush home to do that. And I’m also into modelling. So my day is school, my blog, modelling, then arranging what I have during the week and organizing all of it. On the weekends I usually go out, but it’s usually to events.


Who are your favourite bloggers? Both locally and internationally?
I follow a Swedish girl named Victoria and I’m obsessed with her fashion. In Dubai the blogging community is quite small actually. But it ranges depending on the age, which is good. Today I was with Huda and her sister Mona, they both are really good. Lady Fozaza… she started with a blog. Shades and Scarves – he’s so cute because he’s a guy and he talks about his fashion.

“When it comes to 20s and working women here, they can pull off really high fashion…”


Is there a lot of competition?
Well, it depends. I won’t name names but with some of them, yes. But that’s in every industry. But the good thing is that we’re all usually at the same events, attend the same things, so we all know each other and it’s fun. The competition is about how many views we get or like during the Grazia Style Awards for example, there’s competition when it comes to the Best Blogger.

Where do you see yourself in the next two years?
What I would love to see myself doing is branching myself more out to London. I’ll still come here of course, so I’ll have the best of both worlds. But my dream is definitely to model. That’s where I want to take my career. And that’s why I want to branch out to London and get into agencies. I’ve modelled for a few brands in Dubai. I did a fashion show for Ted Baker and had a shoot with the amazing shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. But in three years I’d like to see myself at London Fashion Week. That’s the big dream!

What’s been your biggest challenge?
Juggling everything!
Does your age hinder your career? Especially because you’re below 21, do you miss out on events?
No actually, which I like. Sometimes it happens, and I get disappointed for a bit, but that’s not very often. The other day I went to Blue Marlin, Ibiza and everyone told me it’s 21+, but it’s not. There were like little children there and stuff. Yes, to drink it’s 21, but I usually have mocktails, and people know my age, so it really isn’t a problem.

What are the 3 things that you can’t live without?
PINK! Seriously pink! I can’t live without make-up and heels, definitely.

main photo by Marko Zirdum

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