Logma: Emirati Food With a Modern Twist

We recently visited Logma, located in Box Park, a totally cool area to explore as there are tons of stores that look like colourful container stores. Upon entering, we noticed servers wearing the traditional ghutra, which is the Emirati headwear for men. We found the service to be quite remarkable, with knowledgeable staff and polite servers. At one point, when I dropped a fork by mistake, it was replaced the very same second. I almost thought the server knew I was going
drop one!
Since we were quite hungry, we decided to start out with drinks, Passion of Arabia, Iced Karak and a Jallab. The Jallab was our favourite drink, whereas the Passion of Arabia comes in second place.


For food, we were spoilt for choice with countless options. So after careful consideration we settled for the Logma Fries, Samboosa Cheese, Shrimp Rice, Roast Chicken Sandwich, Halloumi Sandwich, Turkey and an Avocado Chicken Sandwich. The Logma Fries were probably the crispiest fries that we have ever tried. The herbs that were sprinkled on top added a nice touch, and went with the whole Emirati theme. Cheese Samboosas are a regular during Iftars, but these had extra cheese in them. As long as there is more cheese, who’s complaining? The Shrimp Rice reminded us of a yummy home-cooked meal, something that our mother would cook for us, hence we were a little biased and found it to be the star dish of the evening. Coming in a close second was the Halloumi Sandwich, which was made with crisp halloumi slices, tomatoes, roasted peppers and logma sauce.


When we were finally done with our mains, we ordered our dessert. The restaurant recommended the famous Chebab Katayef and that is what we ordered. This dish was an absolute favourite on the table. The crispy pancake was filled with mascarpone cheese and a dates mixture, and was topped with a generous amount of saffron and cardamom syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. We also asked for a Logma Tiramisu, which was served in a beautiful glass. It tasted like the classic tiramisu except for the added date mixture, which we loved.
The restaurant is wonderfully decorated, with hints that remind us of old Dubai while also keeping it neat and elegant. We would highly recommend the Jallab, Shrimp Rice and Chebab Katayef for anyone trying out Logma.

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