Let’s Visit Russia!

Russia is an incredible country with rich culture and traditions. It’s become a popular vacation destination, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg which is a gorgeous and colourful city that has a vintage appeal. Summers and fall in St. Petersburg is a dream vacation, just the perfect ratio of bright sunshine and cool breeze.



Grand Palace (Museum in Historic Heart)

The Grand palace at Peterhof is a dream come true for anyone who has a flair for glamourous and intricate designs, and pays attention to detail. The rooms of the palace have antique and old-fashioned furniture and decorations, with warm tones like copper, gold, and rose-gold. The fountain and statue display on a lake on the main side of the palace is breath-taking, with sloping green gardens on either side of the lake.



Yusupov Palace (Palace in Sennaya and Kolomna)

This palace has a more simplistic look on the front, compared to a few other ones in the city. It’s red curtains and golden chandeliers have an imperial air, and look as good as new. The theatre box in the palace is a famous sight, where the royal family and aristocrats watched music salons and theatrical performances.



The Church of Our Saviour on the Spilled Blood

Last but not least, the most popular tourist attraction in St. Petersburg. This church marries Russian culture with bright and eye-catching exterior designs. It’s well-known for its intricate framework, doorways, and colourful domes. The inside of the church is even more beautiful. You won’t find one square inch of the wall without frescoes or murals. The church lies at the end of a stone bridge, surrounded by a striking clear, blue lake.


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