Leish Hip Hop?

Culture is a powerful tool that defines humanity. It is a fragile phenomenon, and doesn’t remain constant. Always susceptible to change, cultural patterns are continuously evolving into products of the universal changes in people’s interactions – politically, socially and economically – and youth is undoubtedly the most affected demographic. 

What sort of medium enables them to convey their emotional bruises?

The principal means of expression is music, and Hip Hop’s leaving-nothing-implied lyrics make it an intelligent music genre and movement, charged with truth, reality and freedom. In the wake of the mainstream money-making rappers, Underground Hip Hop has managed to rise and reflect its true essence and purpose.. 

“Leish Hip Hop?” (Why Hip Hop?) 
Hip Hop is a culture and form of ground-breaking music and expression. Hip means ‘to know’ and ‘to be aware and updated’. Hop stands for ‘to move’ and ‘to act upon’. An intelligent movement, we can also call it a conscious one. The Hip Hop we listen to on the radio has polluted the true essence and purpose of ‘real’ Hip Hop: money-oriented acts; thirsty-for-publicity ‘artists’; ridiculous lyrics and no real flair. Hip Hop was based on lyrical prowess and was created upon four elements: The MC, The DJ, The B-Boy, and the Graffiti Artist. These parameters have faded away and have almost gone extinct in the mainstream music industry. Although these elements give Hip Hop its character and reputation, popular artists tend to choose the money and corruption path. 


“Hip Hop’s main purpose is to deliver awareness, not foolishness and vulgarity.”


Why Hip Hop? Still we ask ourselves, how is our world today? While there are crucial issues jeopardising humanity, some are singing about shopping, ‘bling-bling’, cars, clubbing, and about more explicit matters. Not to say that there shouldn’t be a little fun every now and then, but Hip Hop’s main purpose is to deliver awareness, not foolishness and vulgarity. 

The rise of a new era for Hip Hop is paving the way for the neglected youth towards freedom. Proofs of this new age are underground artists with solid and intelligent lyrics such as – from the Arabic Hip Hop Movement – Shadia Mansour, LOWKEY, The Narcicyst and Omar Offendum. They are pushing against the loud and frivolous mainstream industry, creating music about corruption, social decay, economical demise and humanitarian neglect. The revamped version of Hip Hop embraces all ethnicities and all social statuses; a universal means of expression, translating real life struggles and experiences into poetry. The underground scene avoids the mainstream, which constrains the outbreak of truth and reality surrounding the world. The artists of the new era exercise their right of freedom of speech and excel in transmitting important issues through deep meaningful lyrics and ear-catching beats. 

Going back to the main question of “Leish Hip Hop?” (“Why Hip Hop?”): it is the name of the first real Hip Hop show on a FM Radio Station in Saudi Arabia. There is no doubt that breaching the mainstream in this manner threatens its fake stability and egocentricity. It is only a matter of time until “Leish Hip Hop” sheds enough light on the issues of the world for people to really listen. 

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