Leaning into the Future

Dear possibly productive human being,

If you are reading this right now, this letter probably got through the experimental time portal that was recently open to the public. You must be wondering how humans of our time live. You would be asking this question due to curiosity. Even I ask myself and my “friends” this question. However, this question stems from deep frustration and confusion.

Things have really changed. We don’t see the world through our eyes, instead we see it through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based goggles. We don’t have offices anymore, we have meetings through VR enabled goggles. There are no physical shops, malls and boutiques.

If we need a manicure, pedicure, facial, haircut or any cosmetic treatment, you can request an appointment through a chatbot, then a robotic cosmetic assistant will come. It examines our bodies, and then requests additional mini drone-robots accordingly. For example, if I need a haircut, the main robot would request a scissor drone robot, a hair trimmer drone robot and a water spray hair robot

Having your own house has become much more expensive, the majority now live in white isolated pods that are housed in a single building. The only time we get out of our houses is when we go for a walk in the evening. We are blinded from the isolation by the extremely immersive VR enabled social networking and video sharing sites.

We were promised a universal basic income due to the incumbency of AI to replace most blue-collar jobs. We were convinced that we would lead happier and safer lives with such a move. We could not have been more wrong. Our lives are filled with a lack of fulfillment and purpose. We were also promised that we would get jobs where the human element would be an essential. We even trained for such jobs, but the vacancies are incredibly low.  

Also, our bodies have morphed too.

Due to the lack of physical activity involved in work, our bodies are beginning to resemble like a blob of flesh. Our eyes tend to become smaller over time due to the continued exposure to displays.

We also forgot what real food is. The packaged food available in market have begun to use nano-particles that produce certain flavours to mask the blandness of the materials used to make the food. For example, you can order a pizza, burger or any other food. But they are all made of the same materials: soy and plant proteins and carbohydrates.


Due to this induced monotony, a lot of us, including me suffer from a lack of stimulation, which eventually leads to unproductivity.

I did not want this to be a depressing account of the future, but that’s the life we have now.

The only thing I can tell the people of the past is,

Don’t let the future happen to you.



An irrelevant human being that got the bad end of the bargain.

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