iPhone Tracker

On one lovely April morning , somebody far, far away released an open-source tool called “iPhone Tracker”, which caused a tornado within seconds of its release. Here is the deal; a tiny file was discovered on any 3G-equipped iDevice running iOS 4 as well as in the iTunes library that the device was synced to. This file contained your iDevice’s location data, collected since the release of iOS4 (last June). The ‘iPhone Tracker”tool simply took that data and beautifully displayed it on a map, showing you just about every place you’d been to since you updated/purchased your shiny iDevice. As you’d expect, Apple was called for a Senate hearing , and made it clear that it never collected the data, assuring users that they would receive an update to fix the issue once and for all. You could start complaining and rush to the garbage bin to toss all the Apple goodness you’ve got , or you could simply stop and admit that our lives stopped being completely private the moment we joined Facebook.

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