iPhone 6

iPhone is eight years old now and it has gone through several design changes since it was first announced in January 2007; however, this is probably the biggest design overhaul Apple has done to the iPhone since the first generation. Enter iPhone 6, the “Bigger Than Big” iPhone to date.

“This device does not look and feel like an “old Leica camera” (iPhone 4/4s) or an expensive watch (iPhone 5/5s)”

This is where the biggest change was made; iPhone 6 is larger and wider than any previously released iPhone. Gone is the one handed usability where users could reach the upper most opposite corner of the screen with a thumb. It seems Apple has finally given into the demands of the larger screen market that was dominated by devices that ran Android and Windows Phone. The iPhone now sports a 4.7″ screen with a much slimmer profile of 6.7 mm thick.

Overall the hardware feels great in hand, the phone feels well-built and more organic due to its curved profile and the display glass almost melting into the brushed aluminium unibody construction. When it comes to looks, this device does not look and feel like an “old Leica camera” (iPhone 4/4s) or an expensive watch (iPhone 5/5s).
iOS 8 is the most mature version of Apple’s mobile platform to date; the plethora of sharing and customisation options makes it feel almost Android-like, albeit without the total freedom Google offers
its users.
Once again, the MegaPixels didn’t grow in numbers, however Apple has greatly improved its camera sensors. In addition, the slow-mo function has grown to 240 fps and the active focus pixels are nice additions for a better video recording experience. Not only is the video is crisp and bright, the phone is now capable of focusing on moving objects without the need of users tapping on the screen. Nice.
iPhone 6 is a great upgrade for everyone, however due to its slight performance and overall improvements, it does not stand as an attractive offer for those who own iPhone 5s; indeed, the bigger and better screen tech will lure many users in, however, iPhone 6 does not feel much different to the iPhone 5s in a real world use. Those who use anything older than the iPhone 5s should definitely upgrade, given a bigger screen size is not much of a chore to get used to.
Overall Rating:
Hardware – 8/10
Software – 9/10
Camera – 9/10
Overall – 8.5/10

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