iPhone 5S

What can one say about Apple’s latest offer, iPhone 5s? Words like quality, beauty, convenience and speed come to mind first. This is Apple’s best and most advanced iPhone yet, as it should be with any flagship device. iPhone 5s was released in UAE last November and instead of doing an early-adopter’s review, I thought of approaching the process differently, this year, and reviewing it after some time. 

“iPhone 5s is apple’s call from the future. the powerful a7 and the magnificent camera are enough of a reason to get this device”

Let me start with the obvious and most noticable changes: well, there aren’t many if you just look at the phone. iPhone 5s follows the pattern we have become used to by now, with the “s” model retaining the overall industrial design and having improved internals. Packing the first ever 64-bit dual core A7 processor, along with the new M7 motion co-processor, the iPhone 5s is truly a next-generation mobile device; Apple has virtually opened up the door to a higher level of game and applications development. In short, the iPhone 5s is in the league of its own when it comes to speedy smartphones. 

How does it feel to use an iPhone 5s? Not much different from the iPhone 5, at least for now. Developers currently have their work cut out for them. On the software side, iOS7 was Apple’s biggest change since the first iPhone and it shows. Cupertino giant has yet to fine-tune its mobile OS, as there are occasional crashes and slow animation speeds. Most importantly, Apple has got to fix iPhone’s battery life. Speaking of battery, after numerious tests on multiple devices, I concluded that the issue is purely software-based. iOS 7 is not as battery-efficient as iOS 6 was when iPhone 5 was released. 

So do I regret getting the iPhone 5s? Not for a second. I love the new camera and its slow-mo 120 fps video function as well as the new TouchID. Is there room for improvement? Definitely. iPhone 5s is hands-down the best iPhone yet, however, iOS 7 needs to be as great as the hardware it runs on. 

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