‘Invisible Light’ Scissor Sisters

Talk about the unexpected! This is the last band on earth I expected to see in the UAE. Do I need to say how surprised I was? The duo performed at Flash Forum, which is a mid-size venue that probably fit a couple of thousands that night. Thanks to its size, the whole show felt intimate, as real as it gets and reminded me more of those one-off performances at a smaller venue; personal, natural and raw.

Even though the funky divas came out almost one hour late, people seemed to be having a blast. There were costumes, oversized wigs, super-high heels and other stuff you don’t see everyday. The best part about the event was people who were of all ages. At some point I found myself inbetween a 60 year old woman and a 25 year old guy, and let me tell you, both of them were dancing the night away.
The band performed most of their hits from all the three albums they have released to date. The crowd went ballistic to Take Your Mama and Fire With Fire. I, personally, found myself singing along to most of their songs, after all, I did start listening to them from Comfortably Numb days. What amazed me the most is how they did not change their costumes for most part of the show. Jake wore the “denim disater”, the name I gave it the second he came on stage, and Ana looked like someone from Alice in Wonderland, which perfectly fit them both. They are the Scissor Sisters after all!
To finish their one-and-a-half hour show the duo quickly changed into darker ourtifts with Jake wearing skin-tight denim pants and a vest, looking like someone from Star Treck and Ana in a stripy dress, which reminded me of one of those illusion images where the longer you look at it the more stuff you see. Clothes aside, the show ended with their latest single “Invisible Light”, which is probably their darkest piece to date. Some didn’t get it, the others felt euphoric, I was among the latter.
Overall, Flash has outdone themselves again: brilliant organization, great venue, and, most imortantly, a fantastic choice of musicians. Let’s just hope they never stop spoiling us with all the events.
photos by Anton Rodionov

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