Interview with Ava Hashemi

Ava Hashemi started her line, Hâshé, at the age of 19 in June, 2010. Initially carrying custom-made clutches, the label has expanded to include women’s wear and most recently hats. Hâshé’s high-end, ready-to-wear apparel line exhibits a modern spin on old-world elegance. Additionally, Hâshé’s hand-made clutches each possesses their own unique geometric shape and design with stones, studs, and vintage brooches.

Our team had the opportunity to speak with Hashemi herself and learn more about her latest collection.

On your website, you’ve said, “Elegance is the single most stylish and affordable item found in a woman’s closet; it fits all shapes and never gets outdated.” What would be your advice for girls whose wardrobes are full of ripped jeans, crop tops and gladiator sandals? How can they add elegance to their edgy style?
For me, gladiator sandals or stop tops aren’t the opposite of elegance. When I say elegance, I don’t necessarily mean the latest, or being fashion forward; I just mean the way a woman presents herself and, I guess, the confidence with which she walks into a room. Confidence and comfort are also important things to keep in mind, when you want to buy an outfit or when you want to dress yourself. When you are confident, you automatically present yourself in a way that could be called elegant as well.

“When you are confident, you automatically present yourself in a way that could be called elegant as well.”


You started your fashion career when you were 19. When did you realise that fashion design was the right job for you?
My major wasn’t in fashion and I started taking part-time courses in a fashion school while I was studying at university. At that time I thought it would just be a part-time thing, like a fun hobby, but later on I realised that I really enjoyed it. My instructors at the fashion school were very supportive of me pursuing this as a full-time career. So I made a collection when I was a student, and that collection won an award for the best upcoming designer in New England. So I think that gave me a boost of confidence to begin a full-time career as a fashion designer.


Can you describe your new collection in just three words?
Minimalist, bold and modern.


How do you think the collection will be received by the existing Hâshé fans and customers?
We showed the new collection in Paris and I do have a sort-of idea. So far it has received very positive feedback.


In your new collection, a few outfits are embroidered with the flying bird motif? Where did the birds come from?
It came naturally as a source of inspiration for me. I find the migration of birds to be very significant and beautiful. It ties in to the whole concept of the collection, with the name “Silence”, as the whole process takes place in silence.


Who is your ultimate female inspiration?
This is tough. I would probably say Farah Diba; she is the former queen of Iran and I think she is the definition of elegance. I have a lot of respect for her as a person.

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