How to Start Writing

We have all had those moments where we sit in front of our laptop with a blank word document staring back at us. Whether it is for a school project or your short story manuscript, everybody writes. However the biggest problem that people face is how and where to start. Here are some of our tips on starting your writing process quickly without facing too much stress.

Step one, collect your ideas. For example, you could start with a mind map of what you want to write about in the centre. The mind map will become bigger as you collect more and more ideas for a certain section (i.e. characters). Once you collect most of your ideas for a section, try to form sentences out of what you have.

Step two, if you have a main character but you do not know much about that character, then try to write a letter from the character to yourself. Writing that letter should allow you to know a bit more of the character, and then writing about that character should be easier

Step three, try to be as descriptive as you can so that the reader can easily imagine where the story is taking place. While writing about the setting, you should have a clear image of it in your head. If you have described the setting really well, the reader should be whisked away from their everyday life.

Step four, once you have a few sentences or ideas, try to see how they can fit together. With the ideas that you have fitted together along with the story, things should now start to flow. With the story flowing, the writing should become easier because you have most of your ideas down in the mind map or in what you have already started writing.

Step five, when you have your first draft of your story, look over it once and see if there are any changes that need to be made. If there are changes, make them before you show the story to someone else. Once the changes are made, ask someone to look over your work and see if changes need to be made again. Make those changes and then you should have a great story.

Things to Remember:

  • Be sure to use good grammar
  • Have a good structure to your piece of writing
  • Make the piece of writing interesting
  • Include as many characters as needed
  • Hook the reader into the story
  • Challenge and enjoy yourself

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