How To Be More Productive

We all want to be more, do more, and get more done but we’re all given only a limited time to complete all the necessary tasks. Here are ways you can accomplish and make the most of your time.


1. Write a To-Do list.

Noting down all the tasks of the day will not only prevent you from forgetting that day’s task but will also motivate you to keep accomplishing as you keep checking off the list.


2. Don’t work overtime

According to studies, reducing your work hours will help you reduce stress and be more productive.


3. Silence your phone.

Your phone is your biggest enemy when you’re trying to accomplish a task. Let’s be honest, having your phone beside you will only tempt you to check your social media and you’ll end up wasting your time and lag behind.


4. Stop multi-tasking

You may think otherwise but multi-tasking will only slow you down and you’re bound to make more mistakes.


5. Try to get natural light

According to studies, people who spend more time in natural light rather than artificial light have increased alertness and productivity. Light directly influences the amount of melatonin a person produces, which indirectly affects alertness.


6. Work in varied environments.

It is proven that switching up the environment will help you eliminate distractions and concentrate better.


7. Learn to say no

Don’t over pile yourself with tasks you can’t complete instead focus on tasks that will produce better results.


8. Prioritize

Choose between tasks that are important and tasks that aren’t so much. Prioritising will help you have a better balance when it comes to working.


9. Don’t be a perfectionist

There is a correlation between increased perfectionism and decreased productivity so work smarter and not harder.


10. Take your time.

Rushing will only make you feel more pressure. Don’t try to be the most efficient but try to be more effective. It isn’t a race.


11. Listen to ambient music.

Research show that listening to music benefits the brain, sleep patterns and stress levels. According to research from the Duke Cancer Institute, listening can also help to lessen anxiety.


12. Bribe yourself with a reward.

Rewarding yourself after completing a certain task will help you stay motivated. Knowing that you will be rewarded will lead you to only focus on completing the task.


13. Go for a walk

Going for a walk not only increases your level of creativity but also your ability when it comes to problem-solving.


14. Take a nap

Taking short naps can make you feel sharper and stay focused.

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