How I Lost and Got Back My Passion for Reading

I have a sharp memory of 13-year-old me resting in the verandah of my uncle’s home in India enjoying the novel The Book of Nature by Ruskin Bond, while relishing the natural sights and smells of the little obscure town. It was a simpler time when I would choose to read a book at any given moment over any other activity. It was my escape from reality and I craved it at every passing moment.

Flash forward to high school. I didn’t read a single book after I quickly became obsessed with TV shows. I no longer had the patience to sit in one place and absorb myself in the world a novel had to offer. I tried but nothing worked as I quickly did something else after I read half a page. It was a complete brain flip because I’d do anything except read. However, a glimmer of hope suddenly struck while I was in India. The game changer was living in a house with a weak Wi-Fi connection and no laptop so I chose to read 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami to pass time. It’s a massive book with a fantastic story. At the time, it became the escape from my boring reality, while I stayed in that house. Better yet, my need to start reading novels again was reborn.


Here’s my advice on how to develop your passion for reading:


Find a book that resonates to you: Obvious enough but most people don’t try more than one. It’s crucial that one of the first few books you read is captivating and you have to try several before finding it. Check out trending novels or take suggestions from friends.


Read a novel you enjoyed earlier: Several people have confirmed this strategy works. For many, it brings back old memories. Just like you might watch a movie or TV show 2-3 times, you can do the same with a book you liked before.


Push yourself: Set a goal of reading a minimum of 1-2 chapters a day. Push yourself if you get bored. Make it a practice and after a point, you’ll enjoy the story. You’ll even want to finish it because you know in the back of your mind how much effort you put into reading the first few chapters. The gratification after completing it will be incredible.

There are many other tips but for now, try these options and see how it goes. I’m sure one will work if you put your mind to it. The first suggestion worked on me but if you’re a harder nut to crack, then try the last option.

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