Hidden Agenda by Lisa Harris

hiddenMichael is an undercover cop who is in danger of being killed after his identity is revealed to the criminals he was hunting down. Now not only does he have the cartel after him but the cops are after him too. His only hope is the daughter of the man who wants him dead.

All the character’s in Hidden Agenda were very well-written, the struggles and pain that they felt, felt so real that we couldn’t help but sympathise with them and root for them. The author is able to portray Michael as a cop with worries just like the rest of us but he was willing to push himself to the limits even when he felt like he was fighting a losing battle.

Olivia, the daughter of Antonio Valez who plays the cartel drug lord was a truly strong heroine and not only physically but emotionally as well. When she found out her father was a criminal and a drug lord she decided to do the right thing despite feeling betrayed. By choosing to side with Michael and bring down her father, Olivia showed courage and a strong moral code on her part.

The plot was action-packed and full of suspense that kept us glued to the book. It basically covered various genres such as murder, mystery, abduction, and betrayal all rolled into one complete roller coaster ride that we highly recommend.

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