Grab a Scoop From Scoopi Cafe

Living in Dubai, you get used to everything bling, big and exorbitant. Just when we thought we have seen and heard it all, Scoopi Café created the‘Black Diamond Ice-Cream.’ Priced at AED 2,999, the scoop is the world’s most expensive ice-cream! The Black Diamond consists of vanilla ice-cream which is infused with the world’s most expensive Iranian saffron and black truffles which are garnished with 23 carats edible gold along with the dreamy designer Versace bowl and spoon. Only seventeen people have had the opportunity to try it out… and no, we weren’t one of those 17 to try it.

However, we did try three of the basic flavours at Scoopi! The location was right outside the theatre so anyone could relish a scoop of ice-cream before or after the movies. They had 4 flavours – Dark Chocolate, Italian Nutella, Mango Yoghurt, Mocha Espresso.

Dark Chocolate with pecan nuts was thick, creamy and flavourful as ever. The scoop had a somewhat soft texture with pecan nuts as the toppings. The chocolate wasn’t dark enough for us and ended up tasting more like milk chocolate. Although, the combination of pecan nuts with chocolate made it crunchy and delightful to eat. All in all, we would give it an 8/10. Nutella with rainbow sprinkles is Scoopi Café’s bestselling ice-cream, and it tasted fabulous and extremely chocolaty just the way we like it. The rainbow sprinkles enhanced the flavour and presentation of the ice cream. It has rightly been named the bestseller Café, and we would rate it 9/10. Mango yoghurt with Ferrero Rocher was another flavour that we tried, and as weird as it sounds it just works. The combo revitalises you with just the right amount of fruit and chocolate, hence we would rate it 8/10.


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