#Girlboss: A TV Show Review

This TV show loosely revolves around the life of American entrepreneur and fashion designer, Sophia Amouroso (played by Britt Robertson). It represents her journey from living a nomadic lifestyle, hitchhiking on the west coast, dumpster diving, and stealing to her starting her own fashion label and website. The show does a great job at dramatising the sentiment of each scene using appropriate cinematography, lighting and music. Each episode is a rollercoaster of drama, action and uncertainty and this makes the show incredibly engaging and entertaining.  The intensity of the protagonist’s character is balanced by the pragmatic Dax (played by Alphonso McAuley), adorable Annie (played by Ellie Reed) and her romantic interest (played by Johnny Simmons). The interesting bit is how these other characters have their little side stories with the protagonist and how these little stories weave together to form the conclusion. But, the crux of the show is how the protagonist fights through her insecurities and weaknesses to achieve her personal milestones.  This show is a must watch for anyone who needs that little bit of motivation to get some things done.

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