‘Gimme More’ Britney Spears

When I found out Britney Spears would be coming to Abu Dhabi, I literally fell off a chair. I counted down the days to the moment when I’d finally be able to see someone whose music is so inspiring as well as moving, and I don’t mean physically only.
On arrival to the venue, I was not surprised to see a queue forming ever so quickly. People ran to the stage the moment the gates opened; the energy was fascinating. There were people of all ages, even those whom were too young to know her music well.
Miss Spears opened the show with her most recognized hit of 2011, Hold it Against Me. I was gone. The stage was the biggest I’d ever seen, with a glittering set that channeled the Femme Fatale theme of a fierce woman conquering the world. The crowd was on fire, while the princess of pop looked radiant, unbelieveably beautiful and moved exactly to the beat.
The show was incredibly intense; she barely had any breaks going through songs one after another. In the opening of Big Fat Bass, Brit appeared from the speaker, sending the crowd into a total mess. During Lace and Leather, one lucky fan was taken up on the stage, so she could give him a special up-close performance. And for I Wanna Go, Britney simply got a crowd of fans up there, so they could all dance and forget about everything else.
One song she’d be wearing white, and the next, she’d be in gold. The set-up was so incredibly extensive and beautiful that my camera’s brains were blown out. Britney finished the show with her biggest hit from the Femme Fatale album, ‘Til the World Ends, which had her flying in the air with massive angel-like wings, shimmering and dancing. And if that’s not enough, the last couple of minutes of the song had the whole stage rain gold-like sparkles all over the crowd.
I have never seen such energy, such happiness amongst 30,000 people, all dancing and just having the time of their lives. Simply put, she set a new standard for the concerts in the UAE. I’d definitely want her to ‘gimme more.’

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