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Following 2 record breaking releases, ‘El Donia Shabab’ and ‘Bel Gharam’, The 5 are the MENA region’s number #1 boy band. The group comprises of talented young men hailing from Egypt (Ahmed Hassan), Algeria (Said Karmouz & BMD), Lebanon (Kazem Chamas) and Morocco (Adil Echbiy). This is the first ever Pan-Arab musical group that has exploded across the airwaves following their successful stint on MBC’s 2015 edition of hugely popular talent show ‘The X-Factor.’ The group has also been signed to Sony Music Middle East right out of the show’s finale. The 5 have quickly soared to stellar heights thanks to their delightful harmonies, impressive vocal acrobatics, unique personalities, and their infectious smiles. The group’s main intention is to “create different, energetic music that reawakens the spirit of youth – and inspires the idea of good fortune in life.”


With all of you coming from different countries and cultures, how does that influence the music you make?
Well, the mix of cultures and countries gives the group a nice fusion between the many styles and influences that are currently popular. For example, Kazem sings Djabali, Ahmed sings Tarab, Adil sings Rai and Charkie as well, Said and BMD sing in English. In addition, BMD is a rapper. So you see, this unique mix helps us create so much variety for our fans.


All of you are so different when it comes to your style in music, how do you manage to make it sound harmonious?

We always look for a style that best complements our personalities and portrays the scope of our vocal diversity. Arabic music lends itself to such diversity through its different melodic modes and compositions; between Modern Arabic dance and mainstream Arabic pop, we find the most harmonious tunes which best represent us as a band.


Does your knowledge of dialects and words from different backgrounds add to or hinder the singing/writing process?

It’s a big plus for us and gives our band the opportunity to mix various styles and dialects, which helps us connect better to people.


Does singing in English cause you to have a lower emotional connection to your audience as compared to singing Arabic?

Not really, to us singing in English sometimes adds extra emotions we are not able to express in Arabic. Since we all come from Arab countries, singing in Arabic is always a better option for us and our fans. It is not a bad idea to also mix some English or French with Arabic.


Since you have chosen the UAE as your operational base, what are your thoughts on the music scene here?

We love that the UAE has a very mature music scene which helps us to grow even more musically. Meanwhile, the UAE is the hub for Arabic and international media, with a great blend of different cultures and an art scene with diverse influences. All of this makes it the perfect place and space to present and get our music across.



If The 5 did not exist, what would all of you be doing right now?

Probably finishing our studies, pursuing our careers in modelling, entertainment and possibly working towards becoming solo artists.



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