Game of Thrones: Speculations and Predictions for Season 7

Attention everyone! This is not a drill. GoT producers have given us plenty to go on for Season 7 and we know we can expect epic battles, heartbreaking (and some vindictive) deaths, unexpected hookups and more. The hype is clearly building up with the season premiere coming up in less than two weeks with tons of clues and easter eggs in the trailer. And so, we thought to give you a heads up on what to expect. Here’s a list of things we definitely expect to happen, along with a list of predictions. So let’s start!

1. Team Ice meets Team Fire

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen working together to defeat the White Walkers would literally be the Song of Ice and Fire. So it’s inevitable that they meet first right? The trailer showing Melisandre standing on grassy cliffs that STRONGLY resemble those of Dragonstone suggest that her, and quite possibly key members of Jon’s council will finally meet with the Khaleesi this season.



2. The Unsullied Storm Casterly Rock

In the trailer, you can notice the Unsullied in all their grey glory attacking Lannister soldiers in, what we can assume is, Casterly Rock. This attack, which will no doubt be Daenerys’ doing, can be seen as the definite cause for a personal battle between Cersei and Daenerys, transforming into something more deadly for their armies and House Lannister.



3. Daenerys Visits Dragonstone

Alas, after years of travelling and gathering half of Essos, three dragons, Dornish, Tyrell and Greyjoy allies, it can be speculated that Dany has all the requisite cards to overthrow Cersei. Snippets of Dany being welcomed by the Dragonstone gates with open arms indicates her readiness to explore her ancestral home, which she hasn’t witnessed since her mother Rhaella fled with ‘fetus’ Dany during Robert’s rebellion.
And her Red Keep exploration in King’s Landing could be a subtle indicator that she has finally conquered the Iron throne.



4. The Great War with White Walkers Will Put the Battle of the Bastards to Shame

Winter is no longer coming, it’s here. And the trailer clearly shows it as we see Jon Snow running with Tormund and other wildlings North of the wall. And “rumour” has it that there’ll be a huge action sequence (it’s another war, duh!) set around the White Walkers towards the end of the season in true GoT fashion. Fans predict that this clashing will put the Battle of the Bastards to shame, making it look like a fist fight.



5. Samwell Tarly’s Quest

We last saw Sam arriving at the Citadel in Old Town to prepare to become a Night’s Watch maester. The show has cast veteran actor Jim Broadbent, Harry Potter’s Professor Slughorn, as an archmaester. We hypothesise that he’ll play an important role to help Sam acquire knowledge on the White Walkers’ history and how to destroy them.



6. Arya’s Destination

In the Season 6 finale, we saw Arya wreak vengeance on the Freys for their role in her family’s murder. The trailer now shows her clad in furs and surrounded by white grounds, implying her journey north towards Winterfell. We’re so excited to see a possible Jon-Arya reunion and Arya’s reaction to Sansa’s dramatic character development. Promo photos also show her carrying Littlefinger’s Valyrian dagger, promising an intriguing showdown between him and the Stark sisters.



7. Grey Worm and Missandei’s Romance

With all the heavy plot changers happening for sure, a promise of a hook-up between Grey Worm and Missandei is satisfying almost every fan’s biggest desire. The two characters, due to their undying loyalty to Daenerys, formed a special bond and the trailer promises their ultimate budding romance. Despite Grey Worm missing a certain something, a relationship between the two is a huge possibility and nothing should get in the way of that or there’ll be a lot of angry fans.



Along with our definite list of what’s going to happen next season, we have some CRAZY plot changing predictions for you to take a look at:


1. Littlefinger Fuelling a Sansa and Jon Rivalry

I’m sure no one missed Baelish lurking around like a creep in the trailer. Sansa’s face in the “King in the North” scene with Jon in the last season proved that she’s unsure of his leadership and the trailer shows snippets of Sansa and Petyr in a tense discussion in Winterfell. It’s quite easy to imagine the latter feeding tension between the “siblings”.



2. A Ground-breaking and Relevant Theory on Cersei’s Killer

A gypsy prophesied that Cersei’s Valonquar, Valyrian for ‘little brother’, will kill her and many think it’s Jaime. With the recent ‘Mad King’ behaviour and the odds against her, we safely predict the Queen of the Iron Throne could die this season. Many fans theorise that Arya Stark will kill Cersei, crossing another name of her list. She’ll do it disguised as Jaime, mask and all. Arya clearly proved herself when she murdered Walder Frey so we should be hopeful that Arya gets another chance to show us what she’s got. Do watch the murder on YouTube to know exactly what to expect!



3. Bran Returns to Winterfell Bearing Info on Jon’s True Parentage

Possibilities are raining down on us and this is, by far the most convincing of them all. Bran who left to “beyond the wall” to fulfil his destiny may have finally found his purpose. After becoming the three eyed raven, Bran has seen a lot and chances are that this season, it will be him dropping the bomb on Jon’s heritage. Watch out Jon, you are no longer a Snow.



4. House Lannister Will Fall

Since the Unsullied sack Casterly Rock, we can expect a downfall and safely predict that House Lannister might meet its gruesome end and rightfully so. When Tywin was Lord of Casterly Rock, the place and the Lannisters were branded untouchable. But with the Lannister children dead and Jaime’s hand amputation, the great House is clearly backed in the corner. The trailer shows Tyrion knocking down the Lion Game piece, House Lannister’s sigil, on Daenerys’ map, so could that mean House Lannister’s downfall this season? Only time will tell.



So, we can expect a lot to happen this season, especially since we waited for over a year this season. The trailers and promotional stuff are creating a lot of hyped up expectations and we’re sure the producers will give us a jam-packed season this time around, for sure. Let’s pray our predictions happen too as they’re ground-breaking plot changers in the game. The season 7 premiere airs on July 16.

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