If you need to buy something for someone who’s tech-obsessed, you’re totally spoilt for choice this year. Okay, they probably have the latest iPhone or tablet (because they love technology), but there’s plenty of next-gen tech out there that should get their pulses racing. Here’s our pick of the bunch.


Coming in near the top of the Lenovo Yoga range, the Yoga 900 is the brand’s latest two-in-one laptop for those who want to work and play hard. Perfect for a hardworking friend or family member, it comes with a premium silver finish, a super-fast Intel Core i7 processor, 512 GB of speedy SSD storage, and 8 GB of RAM. And the best thing is you can use it as a normal laptop, or else swivel the screen round to use it as a tablet or a combination of the two.


People have been down in the dumps about GoPros lately, largely because the picture quality hasn’t kept up with what you can expect from your phone. And because many of the latest phones are water- and dust-proof, you don’t even need a GoPro for your adventures anymore. The Hero 5 Black, the latest model, seeks to change that, coming with voice control, a two-inch touchscreen display that allows you to edit videos on the go, and an amazing new camera sensor that can record 12MP pictures and 4K video. You know you want one.


It’s been an age since Apple updated the MacBook Pro, the brand’s professional-grade laptop, but now we have a new one and it looks like a beauty. Thinner and lighter than ever before, it comes with 130% faster graphics than the previous model, 100% faster flash storage, and a 67% brighter display. On top of that, you get the new Touch Bar, a touch-enabled screen just above the keyboard that allows you to control various functions on the main screen. That’s got to be worth at least half of the AED 5,999 starting price.


While Amazon hasn’t officially launched its
voice-controlled home hub in the Middle East, there’s no doubting that we want it over here. Badly. It connects to Amazong’s personal assistant, Alexa, which you can use to control smart home devices, play music, provide information, or just chat to. This Dot model is the second generation of the Echo, and it comes with a smaller form factor, better voice recognition tech, and a couple of extra buttons. Oh, and you can buy it in this region from the big online retailers.

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