Furious 7

Just when Toretto and his gang thought they were out of trouble, an old enemy seeking revenge creeps in. With a new great cast, this over-the-top action movie cannot go wrong. Jason Statham does a fantastic job as the undefeated enemy seeking revenge for his brother, and Kurt Russel plays Mr Nobody, an unknown character that gets involved and helps the gang. Not only do the lead characters have to fight with Statham, they also compete with him to steal God’s Eye, a terrorist program.

In this film you will see almost all of the characters and cameos of the previous series, including Paul Walker, who passed away during filming. This movie is a must-see, and does not fail to entertain you. We can vouch that it is faster, and more furious, than its predecessors, and will leave you at the edge of your seat. Any fans of the franchise should not miss out on watching this.

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