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Rupal was born and raised in Goa, India. She has been living in the UAE for the last six years now. She is a marketing manager by profession in the consumer goods industry, and she loves to travel all over the world because there’s no better way to truly experiment with food and flavours than to be on the road. Rupal grew up in a home where conversations happened around the dining table and thats where it all began for her. She truly believes that food transcends cultures and connects people in a magical way, which is one of the reasons why she started a food blog.

Our team had the opportunity to speak with Rupal and learn more about what makes her tick.

Why did you start a food blog?
If I eat something memorable — whether I cook it myself at home or find it in a restaurant here in the UAE or on our travels — I can’t wait to share it. Hence the birth of my food blog. I’m no critic, far from it, but I do have a strong sense of flavours and ingredients, which, when combined with a keen eye for presentation, aesthetics and detail, ends up with a pretty decent end-result. Within the blog I also like to do restaurant reviews, so it could vary from street food to fancy and everything in between. There’s great joy in sharing unique finds when travelling the world so others who travel too can try something out of the ordinary. I only write about memorable food experiences and give an honest personal opinion about it on the blog.

“After moving to the UAE, I began recreating mom’s traditional goan recipes.”

What is your favourite dish to make?
Having grown up in Goa, where seafood is a staple, I love most cuisines that have an array of seafood specialties. Ever so often, I try to incorporate more than just cooking Goan food into our routine dinner. I look for different uses and proportions of similar spices, changing the influences and treatment of the food in different regions and cuisines. Spicy, slow-cooked curries, a really good Biryani, and tossing up a bowl of noodles are some of my favourite things to make.

Why do you like cooking?
After moving to the UAE, I began recreating Mom’s traditional Goan recipes, giving them my own twist and cooking my way through my perennially expanding collection of cookbooks. I love creating something from scratch and making it taste good for our family and friends. The whole experience to me is both rewarding and relaxing after I’m back home from work.

What recipes would you recommend young adults to make?
Everyone is super busy in Dubai, but that’s no excuse for not cooking from scratch. If you stock your pantry well and shop for local seasonal produce once a week, you can pretty much make something flavourful and nutritious every day. Sandwiches and salads are great for lunches on the move.

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