Fashion: Guys Summer ’11

“King for a day, fool for a lifetime”

Feel, act, walk like a king this season. I do understand that it’s a bit difficult to have your own style, because many of you are not so into the fashion, right? Could it happen that you always wear the same clothes for years? Probably when you buy a pair of shoes that you like, after a year or two you are wondering “Why, oh why didn’t I buy two pairs, so that I could have a new pair now”. I do ask myself the same question sometimes.

Ok, this season with a little help and thinking direction you could really look like a king. 

Look at the Beatles. They were so stylish. The whole world was looking at their ways. You could do the same and the result will be guaranteed.



Black is Back and White Never Went

You won’t make a mistake if you go for a black T-shirt and white jeans with a pair of black Dr-Martens or even white Converse, and if you put on an old shaped suit jacket in maybe grey or mustard, that will come out as a mix of a military and happy ‘Seventies look.



Cool as Ice

“Available in all of the colors of the rainbow and the new season of chromed out metallic variations, every guy should be wearing an ICE Watch this season. Check out for your nearest supplier.”




Or do it the opposite way, match black jeans with a white T-shirt and a black vest. White shoes are a no-no this season, so stick to black.

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