Fashion Geometry: Girls

We are not all born with the same body shape or the one we wish we had, but that doesn’t mean we can’t flatter our figure. Do you wish you could elongate your legs or create the curves you were not quite blessed with? Follow these great tips to know which clothes suit your body. 

Before you go shopping, you need to know what shape your body is.


Inverted triangle

The secret to dressing this body type is to balance the lower body with the upper body while not failing to show off the well-defined waist. This can be done by choosing clothes that will enlarge your lower half. For that, you should go for cargo pants, jeans with whiskering at the hips or pants with embellished pockets. You can also make your bust appear smaller by wearing dark colored tops, tailored shirts and jackets or tops with nipping at the waist. Your body shape also allows you to play with skirt lengths.



In order to enhance your waist, you will need to wear form fitting clothes such as tube top dresses. You may also want to add a dark, wide belt. You can create the illusion of curves by wearing a puffy dress or jumpsuit that clinches your waist.



To compliment your figure, you may want to wear tops that will add volume to the upper half of your body and create a balanced appearance. You can choose between shirts with fitted waists, wide V-necks or U-necks, off the shoulder or ones with detailing around the bust and shoulders.



If you have this body shape, your aim is to draw attention towards your shoulders and face as well as to create the illusion of a longer body. This can be achieved by wearing earrings, necklaces, loose fitting clothes, low necklines, un-tucked tops, and straight skirts. Try to avoid belts, fabrics with large patterns and pleats. 



You have the body most ladies want! Wide belts over both shirts and dresses are the perfect way to show off that waist you have. You can also add some volume to your upper and lower body but be sure to maintain balance. Have some fun and try different skirt lengths.


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