Fashion Forward

We started Fashion Forward with a debate on the identity of the Middle Eastern fashion. It is true that Middle Eastern countries have a common DNA when it comes to fashion; embroidery, Arabic calligraphy, silver, gold, embellishment and crystals are what the GCCs crowd looks for; the details that stand out on their outfits. Whether it is the traditional ladies or the new girls, they are all influenced by street fashion; they all want to be elegant and look like stars. Today, blogs and media are the main influencers when it comes to the subject of what to wear. Fashion comes from the street and Kenzo’s rebirth is the perfect example.


Starch Foundation started the weekend with their patterns and bright colour-focused pieces that were all about confidence and versatility. Most of the stuff could be worn during the day and night; at work or to a party. Whyesse continued the trend with a beautifully structured collection featuring Oriental patterns in colours that shimmered and channeled the nature influence. There were definitely some pieces, we bet, that are being ordered by many right this very moment. Whyesse seemed to have just the right amount of colour, fit and structure in each and every one of her pieces.


While most of the focus was on womens fashion, menswear did get enough attention to wow the crowd. The Emperor 1688 was a particular favourite of ours. The extremely-well fitted pieces focused on complimenting the male body, while adding a touch of patterned designs and embroidery that added just the right amount of shine. Women were not left out, with the excessively puffed up skirts, fitted tops and the dresses that looked elegant yet playful. The theme of blues and shades of anything from brown to beige were the accent of the show.


Essa seemed to be the highlight of the day. After queuing for over 30 minutes outside the hall, we were welcomed to a very dark and heavy show. Most of the outfits were black with a multitude of layers for men and women alike. It was definitely the edgy show of the day.


For the second day, Dima Ayad delivered a collection that was very structured and elegant. Her day dresses allowed enough skin to add that summer touch while the cut was still very traditional with uncluttered and beautiful lines. The fabric moved with each step, adding perfect curves to the silhouette. The designers lit up the F/W collection with pastel colors, red, white, petrol green, dark purple and gold.


We wanted more combinations, on which Kage delivered. Launching to the new Daft Punk/Pharell Williams’ new track ‘Get Lucky’, the duo unleashed a trendy collection with a street and hip/hop influences, welcoming the new hoodies, shirt and pants combo in full black or white. Indigo was also strongly present in plain dresses. For the evening, Kage gave us the choice between a long shirt or dresses with embroidery. The hyper-electro show gave way to a dramatic ballet in slow motion, Ezra.


After one minute of classical music, the first model entered the room. Dresses were mostly long, and the designer used excessive sequencing in his creations. The collection was constructed in three colors: white, silver and red. We couldn’t help but admire the effort that went into making those dresses. The show closed with a spectacular wedding red dress topped by a crown both covered in crystals.

Speaking of spectacular, we kept finding ourselves in awe at Michael Cinco’s show. The attention to detail was by far close to none. While the theme was clearly inspired by a white and black swan, we could not describe the intricate and elegant elements each of his dresses had. The final piece was simply phenomenal with the skin tone dress that was beautifully embroidered with an amazingly embellished trail.


The highlight on the final day of this fashion frenzy was Amato; with mainly black and white pieces, the collection was very Roman-inspired; it featured oversized bows in shiny dark leather and iron armor, which we thought was absolutely outstanding.

In the end, while we looked for the answers, we found that Middle Eastern fashion definitely exists and what we’ve seen at Fashion Forward is just a tip of the iceberg. Even though the overall fashion scene seems in its infantry, the participating designers have indeed shown that they are ready to go bigger and they’ve got what it takes and more. Even if you are not into fashion, this was an interesting event; however, those who love this stuff, get your outfits ready for Season 2 in October.


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