Exclusive Talk: Jules Bianchi

Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton, drivers # 22 of Marussia F1 team, let us into his racing world over the F1 weekend, speaking about his career and progress in the 2013 Grand Prix. We spent some time with him, uncovering the secrets behind his progress, his acquaintances with the other racers and his future prospects with Marussia. 

Who would you say is a role model to you? 
Every driver in Formula 1 who wins races and fights for their championships are role models to me. Lewis Hamilton is a great driver, he won championships in his first season which is impressive. 

Where’s the passion behind the steering wheel? 
When I came to F1 I was very impressed by the power of the car, and everything was much quicker and much more professional. Everything was better than what I had done before, being in F1 as a professional driver is just an amazing feeling and I don’t want it to stop. 

What does being inside the car feel like? How do you grasp the adrenaline? 
It’s difficult to describe. I feel great, just amazing! It’s a strange feeling, it’s like I am where I have wanted to be for a long time. 

When did your passion for speed and racing begin? 
Very early on as I started Karting when I was three. My father owned a go-kart track and everyday I would get home from school and immediately get in a kart, without doing homework – my mother wasn’t very pleased! My father played a big role in influencing me, and helping me progress from karting, up until I was 15 when I started with a single seater in Formula Renault. I don’t come from a rich family but determination allowed me to achieve my success. My father would always say “Work hard, don’t think success will arrive soon, keep calm and keep your feet on the ground.” 

What are your future prospects? 
I don’t have a set plan, I just want to improve myself competitively. I just want to improve all the time. I already signed a contract with Marussia for next year. F1 is a difficult sport to get into, there are only 22 drivers and a lot of people wanting to join so I am already a step ahead by being here. I need to prove to people that I have something special in order to stay there. 

What are your thoughts on your team?
Marussia is great, they’re working beneath Ferrari. I worked with Ferrari Driver Academy in Italy and it’s great. They offer me help and advice from the great drivers, such as Alonso. I didn’t know what to expect when I joined Marussia, our only downside is that we don’t have the finance to support our car, performance wise. 

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