Emirati Artists to Exhibit Exclusive Art Installations at THE BEACH


Engage in art at THE BEACH, the upbeat outdoor destination by Meraas, with two unique and unorthodox installations by young and upcoming Emirati artists in partnership with Dubai Design Week. The installations eccentrically crafted can be accessed at two distinct locations at THE BEACH throughout the season.

Yaroof, designed by Aljoud Lootah, is inspired by the process of traditional Yaroof fishing. It consists of four octagonal frames, each with patterns created by using nylon ropes to depict the shape and structure of a fishing net. The patterns are influenced by complex Arabesque motifs, and inspired by its form, the curves found in the designs are created entirely with straight lines. Yaroof is placed on the sand across from the North Lawn

Aljoud Lootah is a multidisciplinary designer with work exploring the realms of product design and personalised corporate gifts. She composes her creations by mixing traditional silhouettes and concepts with modern elements. Patterns, folds and geometric shapes are at the heart of her inspiration.



Earth Hives, conceptualised by the talented duo Latifa Saeed and Talin Hazbar, re-explores the artisanal craft in the region. The designers’ outdoor public installation features lighting system embedded within terracotta hemispheres. By bridging creative disciplines, they juxtapose a primitive, delicate and fragile breed of beehive cones within Dubai’s urban landscape. Earth Hives is placed at the Piazza.

Latifa Saeed is an Emirati multidisciplinary conceptual artist and designer who has worked with traditional artisanal Emirati techniques and materials, reviving them in a contemporary context. The other half of the duo, Talin Hazbar, is a designer keen on experimenting with materials to test their behaviours, challenge their properties, and recall built structures. While time is a tangible element in Hazbar’s structures; her work is often characterised by the freezing of a moment in time.




Minimalistic in design and detailed with architectural definition, THE BEACH is styled with intent. The venue’s low structure creates a sense of congruence with an innovative structure in harmony with nature. Uniquely set along the coastline of Dubai Marina, THE BEACH captures the essence of Dubai. Charming and urbane, warm and welcoming, the destination spans over 320,000 square feet and truly brings the region’s community together.


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