Dubai can be Cycling Capital of the World

There is no stopping Dubai as a cycling destination, says Dubai Desert Extreme (DDE) CEO and founder Shahriar Khojasteh on the day the Dubai Tour kicks off for a second year. Ride Bike Shop, owned by Dubai Desert Extreme, are a sponsor of the Dubai Tour and it’s cycling fanatic boss is more excited than most to see the sport growing in Dubai.



“The exciting thing is, there is still so much growth to come. Dubai and cycling will get to the next step when we see more cyclists on the roads. When motorists understand to respect cyclists, when education really pushes cycling as a sport, that’s when we’ll see it jump to another level”.


It’s a passion Khojasteh has held for a while and he has no plans to stop his support of the sport. “Cycling changed my life. It got me fit, made me turn a corner. For that I’m forever grateful to cycling”. “The Dubai Tour is the pinnacle of cycling in the region. Back for a second year and it’s bigger and better. The Tour is doing great things for the exposure of cycling in Dubai. For me, it’s up there with other major sporting events in the country now”



Ride Bike Shop is heavily involved in the Dubai Tour. Being an event sponsor and also the Middle East distributor of Giant bikes, cycling is at the heart of all it does. The Giant-Alpecin team are raring to go having enjoyed success in the Emirate this time last year during the inaugural Dubai Tour. Dubai has quickly become a favorite destination within the cycling fraternity. Luka Mezgec of Giant-Alpecin explained that the mixture of good weather, perfect cycling temperatures and good quality roads all go a long way in making the city a cycling capital of the world.


“It’s perfect here, much nicer than those long, cold, wet days on the saddle we have to do at times throughout the season. Speaking at the SZR branch of Ride Bike Shop, Mezgec recognises how the team can inspire more and more cyclists to get on the saddle. “Giant and Dubai is a perfect match. It’s the perfect brand for this city, because it’s really global. So nice to see all the fans here today, and we hope we can win this week to further inspire cyclists in Dubai”.



“The mentality of the guys who are trying to make cycling big in Dubai is very motivated. Professional cycling has found a new home, and a home for a long time”. Mezgec went on to say whilst singing autographs for fans.


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