Dream Trip

It’s summer and we are hot! To battle the scorching heat, we put together a trip to the wonderful Dreamland Aqua Park. Two teams battled the heat (and each other) with water balloons and waterguns. Team Charlie’s Angels 2.0 put on a good fight and won over team Jhaaz who were not keen on getting wet. We had some major fun on the rides and devoured our burgers at Snack Attack. What a day! 


Atiyya Laher

The sizzling heat felt like nothing but a whisper of the outdoors with the intense company of the competing teams at the water park. We were loaded with water guns and water balloons. Water was everywhere! It was an outburst of exuberance which carted through the entire day. The energy was cheerful which created the most electrifying atmosphere – mind you, we were surrounded by water so the adrenaline was unimaginable! Any day, any time – I’m definitely game to go back and relive the day. We won too! 


Lara Galoustanian

A day at dreamland is literally self explanatory; it felt like I was in a wonderful dream. Spending the day with great people in an atmosphere surrounded by water slides, water guns, great weather, hot sun and plenty of room to run about. Team Charlie’s Angels 2.0 rocked! 


Serena Umer

It felt great to revisit the amazing rides and attractions. My personal favorite was the Dream Stream; you could float through the park without ever leaving the water. I love the tranquil feeling of being carried gently along on a balloon by the current. 


Francis D’Souza

The Dreamland Aqua Park trip will no doubt rank as one of the most epic outings I have ever had with friends. The rides, the food, the entertainment, the games even the staff made sure it was. I look forward to my next trip to Umm Al Quwain with my friends and family. Watching Mission Impossible came in handy when I was in need to do that belly flop and get to the other side where Charlie’s Angels 2.0 were relaxing at their base. 


Natasha Aguiar

With the summer starting, the trip to Dreamland Aqua Park was perfect. The coolness of water, the exciting rides and the relaxation is just what we all needed for the weekend.

photos by Nizar Al-Sibai

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