Dragon Boating

The Dubai International Dragon Boating regatta was held in Dubai Festival City in April. It returned for a fourth consecutive year, attracting individuals from different colleges, universities, schools and companies to enjoy the thrilling water sport.




This event included sportspeople of various ages and nationalities, all coming together to form competitive teams. ‘Dragon Boating is a thrilling watersport full of adrenaline, sportsmanship, strategy and technique. It is also a sport that is about positive team spirit, being healthy, making friends and having fun.’ This was the motto for the weekend and, indeed, the atmosphere matched the high expectations.



We put in loads of effort and it’s great to show it to other people as a team.



Its a funfilled day where everyone can get together and participate in a great sport.



It helps you work as a team and you have lots of fun while doing it.



Its fun and its great to hang out with your friends and do sports at the same time.



It was tough but overall quite fun: a good day, good weather, good people. What more could you want?



It was a lot more fun then I anticipated. We worked so hard as a team, and to make it to the finals was amazing.

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