Do You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

I took the question – When’s the last time you did something new and what was it? – to the public, and here are some of their responses I received –

I coloured my hair, I did not know whether it would suit me, but it was not much of a risk because I could chop it off if I did not like it.

I took classes in the martial arts – I realised I was not exerting myself physically in any way and I needed to be active”. The happiness felt at the end of an adventure is unexplainable. It’s a mix of relief and jubilance. So, the question is, why do we not do it more often? Why do we think twice before gaining new experiences, trying exotic food and discovering new perspectives?

I recently starting clubbing – my college friends were the ones to convince me

I started learning a foreign language when I was travelling because I realised there was so much of culture and traditions that I wanted to learn with more authenticity and detail.

When one tries something new, there is a sense of insecurity and one automatically wants everything to be ‘normal’, even though there are many benefits to expanding your comfort zone, including higher self-confidence, a sophisticated growth quotient, and making you robust. I learnt that there are certain factors that influence people to step out of their ease sector.


Want to take a month in Peru to work on microfinance in a village? I did but did not follow through with it due to time commitment and prior obligations. Being a city girl, this would have been a huge step, but the proportion of risk involved also has a huge impact. My suggestion is to start small – change the slight things in life – the route you take to work, your clothing sense, try making a dish or ordering one which you have never tried before.


Take the time to sit and think. Ask the question, is this something I really want to do? The likelihood of you stepping out of your comfort zone is higher when you self-reflect. You would feel the urge to join a club or social event where people meet to discuss bizarre films, food, sports or books when you realise that you need to broaden your standpoint on different subjects.


One is more likely to explore when they have a buddy to do it with. Volunteering with friends or with people who you have little in common with automatically expands your comfort zone.


Cautious entities find it especially problematic to be spontaneous because of past regrets. The key is to think positive. It is that simple. You’re not going master an activity overnight, or may not even like it. You can achieve your target eventually if you set a positive mind to it.



After reading this article, if you have figured out what is stopping you, it’s time to conquer it and start your adventure.

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